a blog space where beauty meets backpacking  

I say this is a blog for the gals who’d rather have sunkissed hair & memories to share

because firstly, that is the kind of hair I obsessively create

{recently learned OCD actually stands for obsessive creative disorder, duh}

organic sunkissed highlights and lived-in colors moving freely in waves of messy undone hair

& secondly those with sunsoaked hair resemble that wild child essence of being outside

Wild is not just how I create behind the chair but it’s a lifestyle to me

fueled from a passion for natural beauty & adventure seeked in nature

  & that’s what this blog is all about

my passion for finding where beauty lives

Life is art

and I love to color like the way I want to live life –


so here’s to capturing life’s natural beauty

 that lives

within a person

& within nature

 where I aspire to grow
& hopefully inspire others

by creating  & connecting with people and places

bringing my passions together in one place

my paths that encompass beauty

Stay wild, Ash


Currently creating in Atlanta,ga. 
To book a salon visit, editorial work, or and other collaborations please email:
TEXT 405.708.2455


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