2018: Stay Grounded

A wonderful client of mine asked what is my “word” for this new year. A word to remind yourself through those moments in the day you just need that affirmation. A reminder. Mine is grounded. It presented itself over the weekend. I realized self foundation is everything. To acknowledge those times I tend to want to take flight…

instead stay grounded.

& always stay wild.

Happy New Year!!!

New year! New intentions!

This is my first blog post for the new year and well actually, first public post as well! Ah!!

New baby steps. But steps forward nonetheless. No better time than the present [to be present! Ha! Cliche, I know, but it actually works] to try something new that you can’t stop thinking about.

Listen to those whispers! 😉

Most recently we packed our backpacks and boots and headed out to one of our favorite cities, Asheville, North Carolina!

For the weekend leading into the new year, my man and I found ourselves manifesting our new intentions in a peaceful haven among the Appalachians.

After doing our usual hangs in downtown Asheville, making our brewery visits, and grabbing vegan noms (Laughing Seed is my favorite spot) we headed about 35 mins outside the city to be welcomed to 40 miles of forest and pastureland at Compassionate Expressions Mountain Inn & Healing Sanctuary.

The hosts name is Reva Tunnell and I absolutely loved getting to know her so deeply. She is gifted in Intuitive Energy Healing, a certified Reiki Master, and sought after for her healing guided messages channeled from our Spirit Guides. Reva is so amazing to talk to and her energy is so welcoming and warm that I could hang out with her all day!

We were fortunate enough to experience her healing gift and the experience was so profound and enlightening. Gaining clarity and a new guidance on our awakening path. Being an empath, I found clarity in how to keep a sustainable, healthy, boundary from my energy and others. It all begins with a strong foundation within ones self. Which is why my personal intention this year is to practice staying grounded.  A personal experience that I won’t go in depth on here, but feel free to ask me personally if you’re wanting to hear more. It was absolutely life shifting. Time doesn’t heal all, consciousness does. I’ll be following up with other blog posts on my journey with how I’m connecting to my chakras, and for those who don’t know, what chakras are.

Along with our energy healing we also received a very overdue full body massage by Beth, who was ahhhmazing.

They said we would leave feeling mellow jello, and they were not kidding.

Side note* Compassionate Expressions is ran by all woman, and I found that really powerful! You can feel the love and passion within everyone. It’s a beautiful bond!

The rest of our time was filled with lounging by the fire pit , relaxing in the outdoor hot tubs (which was so magical when it started to snow!) and a whole lot of nothing but listening to nature. No TVs, no internet, no cell service, just disconnected from all distractions and finding time to connect with one another. It was perfect and peaceful.

One of our favorite things was our time spent in the Temple of the Awakening Heart. A gorgeous space created in honor of the Divine Mother’s.

Reva worked with an architect known for structurally designing buildings through sacred geometry concepts. Which, sacred geometry for us has been a huge interest of ours for the past few years. Upon entry, you can’t miss the gorgeous flower of life centered on the wood floor.

As we gravitated to it, Reva and I simultaneously said “the Flower of Life” with a shared admiration and understanding. Immediately, Chris and I exchange smiles and felt totally connected to the temple. Ah, the magic of the subconscious mind and synchronicity!

🏵 The flower of life, to sum it up, is the pattern of creation. Which depicts the fundamental forms of space and time.  The reoccurring  pattern found in all accepts of life. In nature, ancient structures, human body, and cells. The flower of life is a powerful tool to connect with during meditation, and a reminder that we are all connected, to each other and every single thing in the Universe. 🏵

Reva was kind enough to share stories with us and allow us to use the temple at our discretion. We meditated, had conversations, laughed, cried, stretched out on the floor admiring the abundance of wood working, practiced acro yoga, and just soaked in the incredible peaceful presence. Our time spent in the temple was powerful. Very grounding. As though a divine touch gently brush away settled dust off our souls. The universe’s moment to shaken us and help awaken us. No other way to described how it felt.

It was all beautiful. A place we hope to return to many times again. A slice of heaven among the mountains that has our hearts.

So, I saw this picture and it really resonated with me 🐛🦋

For many of us, the past couple years has been like the transitions resembling that of the caterpillar. From finding direction, wether a new one or maybe one that we have been working towards awhile, and persevering, following that internal arrow. To maybe recognizing the walls we’ve built within our cocoons that have been maintained out of comfort and contentment. To now, breaking free of the barriers, old patterns, and fears, emerging as the butterfly we are destined to evolve to.

& butterflies are my favorite little magical creatures. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

Well, we did it babes!

Made it to 2018 & if you read through this entry’s entirety, my first post of the new year! If you have something to share, definitely reach out.

Otherwise, thank you for your time you blossoming butterflies!

& if you’re on Instagram follow/share your beauty & backpacking adventures with #wildismyfavoritecolor

One of my favorite quotes I will leave you guys with, “Be patient with yourself, nothing in nature blooms all year.” Happy New Year!

Stay wild, Ash

If interested in Reva’s services or lodging at Compassionate Expressions follow the link below:

Compassionate Expressions Info





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